The deadly cost of racism, the weaponized words of a President, and a media’s unrelenting fixation on partisan one-liners and Cancun outrage.

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Anti-Asian violence isn’t new, what is, is the unavoidable fact that violence against Asians has increased since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, I knew very little about it.

The advocacy group ‘Stop AAPI Hate’ reports in excess of 2800 anti-Asian attacks since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, yet I was hearing nothing about it.

Aside from old-fashioned, deep-seated racism handed down by generational ignorance, some attribute the influx to phrases like “The China Virus”…

The story of a band, a pandemic, and what comes next for these indie rockers and live music performances.

NYC Indie Rock Band, The Color Yes

After eight years in Beijing playing the underground music scene as frontman of the band Disaster Chat, Jesse Emanuel, the red-haired Oklahoma native, wife in hand, left China and the band behind. It was time for a bigger stage. And there is none bigger than New York City. It wasn’t long after settling in Manhattan that Jesse would get to work seeking musicians to bring together to form a band that would become, The Color Yes. …

Some you may not know are there.

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Instagram has more to offer than the Kardashians and Taylor Swift. The place is filled with resources and value that you can’t begin to imagine. The thing is, you have to look for it. If you only follow the posts that pass by your feed you will be missing out.

Back when I first started my page I didn’t put much thought into it. If it went by my feed and it looked interesting I would give it a like and a follow. By doing that I was generally only following accounts that…

A Russian Rocker Chick Hits America

Anastasia Luna on Stage

For some of us, this lockdown has been one long string of boring days mixed with wine-soaked nights. Every morning checking the news for clues on the latest developments and any word on how long we will be confined to our homes and away from friends and activities we love.

Some musicians in contrast are having the time of their life! …

Artistically Speaking…

Photo by Utopia By Cho on Unsplash

As we are being “contained” our creativity is being set free. Finally our brains have enough bandwidth available for imaginative thought. We have enough time (boy do we have time) to paint, sketch, compose, choreograph, cook and sew.

Business as usual is a thing of the past. This crisis has effected everyone from the gig worker to the CEO with them and everyone in between wondering where their next paycheck is coming from.

While so many of us are experiencing loss, fear, anxiety and stress, The Arts are a catalyst to calm. They are a way to express…

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Perhaps your child isn’t meant to be a cog in the wheel, a piece of a corporate puzzle or even what you want them to be.

Maybe they are the next best screenplay writer, a fantastic vocalist, a piano prodigy or Broadway’s next find. Or maybe none of those things. It’s also possible they will simply make a modest living and be extremely happy doing what they love.

Too often we as parents get caught up in financial worries and forget about happiness. Of course we want our children to be able to take care of themselves. It gives us…

We live and breathe art every single day.

Each and every one of us enjoys art of one form or another on a daily basis. We get into the car — we turn the radio on. We hop on the subway — we have our headphones on. What do we want to do when we just want to stay home and relax? Watch a movie. I love to sit down with a nice cup of tea and read a book. I have family and friends, and I bet so do you, who act and sing and dance and paint. Some…

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Never have I realized how valuable teachers really are. Not only are they the educators of our children but they are in my new found opinion, the keepers of our sanity.

One scroll down any social media feed and you will see parents everywhere posting memes about the perils of home-schooling. Yes, it’s meant to add humor to the situation but for those of you who aren’t doing it, it’s really not funny. Your friends with kids are losing it. This is day four and I’m contemplating licking the handles of the shopping carts at Walmart.

When I decided to…

Photo by Noah on Unsplash

Sitting in my usual coffee shop in my usual spot for the last time until who knows when, the tables are pushed farther apart and now, there are less of them. Social distancing.

Now all of the bars and restaurants are closed. This is absolutely surreal. Generally in times of turmoil I turn to my mother and ask her what it was like when she experienced it. Not this time. My 90 year old mother has never lived through anything like this. We are both on new territory together.

I worry about my friends who own businesses, my friends who…

and why it’s for your own good.

Photo By Laci Wilson on flickr

When it comes to talking about parenting we tend to be a little less real when talking to friends without kids. It’s not that we lie exactly, we just withhold information. If we told all couples thinking about having a baby what it’s really all about there would be an astronomical decrease in the population. So for the greater good of society we remain silent.

A Piranha!

For you women, think back to when you were discussing breastfeeding with those of your friends who had done or were still doing it. They spoke…

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